Friday, September 11, 2009

Just a credit

i Love mY blog. Thanks for following my post. Appreciate it much. Any suggestion or inquiry dont hesitate to leave a note at my "kedai kopi".

currently miss my mama especially when it comes the part we sing Chinese song. Yue liang tai, tong hua, hao hao di , yue ding and others(time ni Firaun confirm tension)...ahh not to forget, she also can speak Mandarin with me and its much better compared than last time when i came back for winter holiday.Sorry mom, last summer holiday i did`t bring my Mandarin tools..huhuhuh (my back full of souvenir and not to forget my camera equipment).Superb mama!!

my pap?? huhuhu full of hillarious. The most greatest part comes when he wake me up for subuh prayer and also sigh "weyhh Fadh nih, speaker masjid dekat jer dgn tingkap, tp nk bgn nyer susah..haa ni laa setan beijing"(nope, my father doesnt mean that i am setan, but the lazyness or the unavailable to wake up is the point)..alamak its not my fault, my bed is super duper damn comfortable. Its not a spring inside, its totally "kekabu" and my pillow? my mom cover it with anti-dust-mist so that my nose wont be itchy. Caring mother.

There was a poem to describe my home.

"House is made of brick and stone, but home is made of LOVE alone"

Technically i am not alone here but emotionally, yes i am a.l.o.n.e.

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