Friday, December 5, 2008

wrapped the birth-day


Assalamualaikum everyone.
This post might be quite emotional but then it came out sincerely from the bottom of my heart and appeared on this screen..hmm how to say? how to start?
first of all i`d like to thank all my friends who setup the birthday surprise for me.of course i was very excited as to tell you the truth, i never celebrate my birthday before as my birthday during holiday and i dunno maybe its not my family tradition to make a birthday party.Back to 1995, it was my first birthday celebration.Thats because of my best cousin,Farah which celebrate her birthday on the 1st Dec and thats was coincidence as she balik kampung during holiday.
If not, 2 Dec 08 will be the 1st celebration even though i`ve been living for 18 years already.
I hope you guys know that i really really really appreciated what you guys had done to me. About the birthday present, i dun mind,even if you just wished me, i take it as a good thing. Bunch of flower from KPM girls, and that comel basket from Along n Angah is much much much appreciated.i really mean it. The last but not least...the birthday cake that you guys bought me.(still wondering who pay for the cake) i dunno how to thanked you guys, i really happy on that night,and not to forget the whole day of 2 Dec 08..i hope that as my age is getting older every single second,i`m trying my best to be perfect even there`s no way to be perfect as can satisfied everyone.But that is the meaning of TRY.Ahaaa not to forget, "Hilangkan kontroversi,tingkatkan prestasi" - hope so~
That was the end of my birtday..thank you eveyone!!! :-)

Bantal,sambal,telur,tepung Scene,credit to;
  • Daniel
  • Leman
  • Harid
  • Echah
  • Fareez
Birtday Present Scene,credit to ;
  • KPM girls (bunch of flower)
  • Along n Angah (comel basket)
  • Sudin,Aini,Ckin,Shamila,Shidot (my sexy birthday cake)
Special thanks for those who contribute officially on unofficially for my birthday party...thanks a lot guys!! much appreciate it..death or hilang ingatan may do my memory of my birthday apart.

note: all my 1st time happened in Beijing,ain`t it Fadhtastic?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

the birthday kick-off

Part 4
the kick-off day
2 Dec 08

Pagi yg cerah,kini sudah dtg..aku adik mu dan engkau abg...
ahh ape aku merepek nih..the kickoff theme is NIKE..
smlm , along,angah,emBUN teman gi Tong Hyun beli kasut NIKE ku syg..
as usual, i bought myself something for my birthday, this time Black Garnette NIke shoe i dedicated to myself for being 18-teen (hoping for the goodness of being 18)
balik kelas, belanja all my MARA friends chocolate i was very happiness getting UP-UP lagi bile along ckp "weyh lang, bilik kau ade parcel aaa"..
hahhahah gile happy nk mampus bile parcel yg papa hantar 2 bulan lps smpai!!!!!
wah skg aku ade byk serunding,milo,ration,dengdeng...

Part 5
then,sudin remind me of the red alert...dup dap dup dap..
( i hope it was`t mr.eggy fest)
the nite start at 5.00pm,Harid suh naik atas ade practice modelling..aiyarkk..
on the way to 4th floor,everyone wishing me HAPPY BIRTHDAY especially the seniors as i walked through in front their room..谢谢,我高兴。。
the best thing happen when Ain and Izzati gave me bunch of flower..ting ting :)
my first present

lps modelling, ade kelas aa plak..aiyarkk gi aa kelas kul 7pm-9pm,hbis kelas lari gi kedai beli IDD call mak bapak ..huk huk dlm kesejukan 0 dgree..

Part 6 (the goal)

Again, i was watching The Shooter...then,
gong gong gong (someone knock the door badly)
i opened the door...then......

it was my classmates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
with nice,awesome,gorgeous,sexy cake~~
serius damn it aku terkelu tnpa berkata2..wahh!!
agak aa...terkelu...perghhhh..i can`t say any word anymore..i`m stuck!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, now let me introduce you with my sexy cake which the shot was taken by xiao nadiya....
sexy isn`t it?

the guest of the night

sudin,DJ of the night with his speaker!~

weyh, come on aa, x habis lagi aa..ade lagi...

Part 7 (the celebration)

nyum nyum..sedap nye kek....but then,without any warning;

hahahhaha snap that pic!!!! hahahhahahahh weih, ingat aku sekor jer nk kene kek???
x dpt laaa (gaya aini skit, smbil geleng kpale)

i share the war of SHARING IS CARING!~

who`s next? oohhh sudin...bring it on!!!

hahahhahah it was fun to have cake war together...
on that night i was very happy and thanked god Allah S.W.T..
like the night before,sblm tido kene aa mandi dulu..hik hik mandi plak sme2 dgn harid..hik hik hik lawak kot ctenyer...hehhehehheh..

p.s : 2nd Dec night was Fadhtastic

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


1 Dec 2008,11.59pm


The Shooter still running while i was fall asleep...ZzZzZz...

2 Dec 2008,12.00am

Part 1

"Fayyadh, Happy Birthday" keepaaaww keeepaaww keepaawww purgchhh hua hua hua hua
cilakak tul si Daniel,Leman,Black kepaannggg pukul dgn bantal..durr mantap ..tup tup tup si Echah dtg bwk smbal belacan...ngaappp "Fayyadh nih sedap tau!! kak nadia yg buat" sdp sgt laa kot masin nk mampos + pedas..bagerooo

Part 2 (dlm dapur)

kumur natang smbal blacan ....Farez dtg "Langg sorii...." keppaappp aiyarkk telur yg bau harum singgah kat blakang aku....eiiiii x cukup dgn tuh, aksi mlm tuh di-feat kan lagi oleh Daniel n Leman dgn tepung yg bagerooo...arhhhhh dlm kabut2 paaappp singgah lagi sbijik telor
(crdit to Mok) ...ahhhhh baling2 tepung fuwuyuan kluar..cover line,then smbung balik..perghhh

hasilnye ;

the making

aku di-putih-kan

last2 Leman Daniel blah dulu...

tinggal laa kami;


muke2 nih aa yg susah payah hilangkan bukti mlm tu takut kantoi dgn fuwuyuan

Part 2 and half

Ingatkan dh hbis, tup tup tup....


(credit to angah n huda

Part 3

Tukar baju, sluar....amik towel gi tandas..
mandi pada suhu 0 dgree...
nk tido, rase tepung dlm telinga...

my nightmare maker

p.s: Beijing is Fadhtastic